The Department of Clouds & Yoghurts

Jot Journal

  1. Reading by Series: Wind, Water, Women

    Laura Mansfield   wind I like to read in series. I often get stuck more or less unwittingly on a particular theme or type of writing before notic...
  2. Profundity Interrupted: giving poetry one more chance with Ben Lerner's The Lights, Granta Poetry, 2023

    Swen Steinhäuser   I am reading Ben Lerner’s The Lights (Granta Poetry, 2023). Poetry isn’t usually my thing. Or at least it wasn’t until recently....
  3. Funny and at the same time sad: reading Natalia Ginzburg

    Swen Steinhäuser I have been reading three books by the Italian writer Natalia Ginzburg (1916-1991). Ginzburg was already on my radar when I came a...

We launched jot bookshop & journal to lovingly assemble and sell shifting collections of books through our online shop and at various pop-up locations in central and south Manchester.

Beyond a shop, jot facilitates and fosters the coming together of a community of readers and writers in our locality and beyond.